ROOR Stash Jars

Glass Lid | Wood Cork Lid

ROOR stash jars are airtight and great for storing your herb and keeping it fresh. They are made from borosilicate pyrex glass, which is the same high quality glass they use in their entire range. You can either get a glass lid version or corked version depending on your preferences. Both work equally well.

Glass Lid

Airtight locking,

Available in small, medium, and large

Made of borosilicate pyrex glass

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Wooden Cork Lid


Made of borosilicate pyrex glass

Cork lid

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Made from thick glass and with a wood and cork lid, this is great for storing herb whether at home or on the travel. The cork or glass stopper will prevent any smell from leaching out too.

ROOR are known for excellent products that will not fail you and last a lifetime. A stash jar will make a nice addition to your collection and will give you somewhere to store your herb and keep it fresh while not in use. They are also perfect for travelling with.

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