ROOR Pokers

Disc End Poker | Straight End Poker

A ROOR poker is a great addition to any smoking kit. You will be surprised how many uses this little thing can have.

Use it to:

  • Pack down your rollies/joints
  • Move bits around in your bong or pipe
  • Stir your oil/concentrate for even burning

Stop using everyday objects laying around to do these jobs for you. Instead get one of these that are made for doing those jobs!

As with any ROOR product, this is a premium high grade glass product. It also has a colored roll stopper to help prevent it from rolling off surfaces and inevitably breaking.

Disc End Poker

  • Disc-end poker
  • Colored roll stopper
  • Made from glass
  • Size: 15 cm / 6 inches

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Straight End Poker

  • Straight end poker
  • Colored roll stopper
  • Made of glass
  • Size: 15 cm / 6 inches

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The only difference between these 2 pokers is their end, so it comes down to preference.

The ROOR poker is invaluable for loading bowls, cleaning, poking about while you smoke, packing your joint down and a whole host of other applications you will get to discover with fun.

You will not be disappointed in add this nifty little tool to your glass collection.

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