ROOR Glass Bowl Holder

If you have had enough of trying to find random places to put your bowls, then get organized and get a bowl holder. A bowl holder is very helpful in keeping your lovely ROOR bong upright while you fill your bowl. It can also be used while you clean your bong too.

There will be no danger of it tipping over in one of ROOR’s quality glass bowl holders.

ROOR glass bowl holders come in 2 options either the 14.5mm or an 18.8mm. They are made from high quality premium borosilicate glass.


  • Made from high-grade borosilicate glass
  • Joint size: 14.5mm


  • Made from high grade borosilicate glass
  • Joint size: 19.8mm

Both bowl holders stand flat and have the added bonus of catching any of your smoking mixture that may fall whilst you fill it. They can also be handy for holding spare bowls.

A bowl holder is an optional accessory but one that with save you hassle in the long term. Do yourself a favor and quit trying to find places to balance your bowl. Get a beautiful ROOR glass bowl holder – you will wish you had bought one sooner.

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