ROOR Carbon Filter Adapter

ROOR’s carbon filter adapter helps filter out tar and other particulars that can ruin the taste of your smoke. It can also filter some toxins and carcinogens to give you a cleaner smoother smoke which won’t impair taste.

Roor’s carbon filter adapter houses active carbon granules which filter and clean the smoke you will breathe in and enjoy.

The adapter is hand blown glass, just all of ROOR’s items.  You can also buy ROOR approved carbon granules too to go with the adapter.

You will also need a matching size gauze (glass screen) to keep the carbon in place.

The filter adapter comes in 2 sizes:

  • Joint size: 18.8mm or 14.5mm

A carbon filter adapter can be a cheap substitute or compliment to an ash catcher. By filtering the smoke your bong should not dirty as quickly.

A ROOR carbon filter adapter is a necessity if you want to be kinder to your lungs, help keep your glassware cleaner for longer and of course for a smoother nicer smoke. Cleaning the filter regularly will prevent resin build up in your tube, so you can have a nice clean hit without it having to travel through dirt build up.


  • Significantly cleans the smoke without interfering with the taste
  • Smoke easier on the lungs
  • Keeps your glass and downstem clean

Additional Requirements:

  • Carbon
  • Gauze

The ROOR carbon filter adapter is a great investment and nice addition to your bong. It will improve the smoke and experience you have as well as helping keep your bong cleaner for longer.

Don’t forget to get a gauze and carbon with your purchase!

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