Roor Bongs

Whether you are new to smoking or have iron lungs, shopping for Roor Bongs can be tough. Roor offer some of the very finest, top quality roor glass pipes and bongs on the market.

With ranges  from 100 ml all the way up to 1000 ml and a choice of different glass thickness, you are spoilt for choice when looking for Roor bongs for sale. No doubt, no matter what bong you end up picking, you are sure to have a pleasant and premium smoking experience.

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Straight Bongs

The Roor Blue Series

Roor blue 500ml bong

With a joint size of 14.5 mm and ranging from 100 ml and all the way up to 1000 ml, the Roor Blue Series is a fantastic set of straight Roor bongs with the blue logo etched onto the glass. With a strong sturdy hexagonal base, the Roor Blue Series bongs can’t be knocked over easily. If you decide on one of these straight bongs from the blue range, you won’t be disappointed. The 100ml for example is a great Roor mini bong if you’re looking for something on the small side.

The Roor Red Logo

Roor red logo 3.2mm bong

The Roor Red Logo bongs are a great addition to any bong collection. As the name says, the logo comes etched in red with the glass thickness coming in at 3.2 mm. With a round circular base the red logo cylinder bong is a great pick for your smoking needs.

Roor Icemaster Bongs

Roor green icemaster bong

The Roor Icemaster bongs tend to be tall and lean with 3 ice notches close to the bottom of the bong. This allows you to insert ice cubes which can sit perfectly on the notches without hitting your downstem or diffuser, cooling the smoking for an extremely smooth experience. If you are not made for smoking, but still love smoking, maybe a Roor icemaster bong is for you!

Roor Fairmaster

Roor Fairmaster straight bong

The Roor Fairmaster bong is unique as it is part of the Roor yellow range yet is similar to the Icemaster series. The difference though, is that it has a bigger and more powerful pull, this is due to it having a wider inside diameter. Highly recommended for the more experienced lungs.

Roor Zumo

Roor Zumo bong

The Roor Zumo is a beast of a bong. It can hold over 1000 ml of smoke and you have a choice to purchase with or without ice notches. With a very wide base and thick glass, this will take a mighty effort and iron lungs to clear in one go. This is a great pick if you are looking for that bigger than your average roor water pipe.

Beaker Bongs

Roor Little Sista

roor little sista

One of the most recognizable bongs of all, the Roor Little Sista. This beaker bong is available in the green, red, rasta and black logo series. Ranging in size from 35 – 45 cm with a glass thickness from 3.5 mm – 7.0 mm.

Roor Dealers Cup

roor dealers cup

The Roor Dealers Cup is a top quality beaker water pipe that will give you massive hits. Available with and without ice notches and coming with a glass thickness of 7.0 mm. This beautiful artwork comes at a height of 55 cm which is 22 inches.



Roor bowl

Having a suitable bowl for your Roor is a must for style but more importantly for functionality. Brewing that perfect hit all depends on getting the correct parts for your bongs and Roor bowls are some of the very best in style and use.


Roor ashcatcher

Although not essential, Roor ash catchers are a great addition to any water bong. Adding an additional filtration to cool down the smoke. Roor ashcatchers come in three parts and different sizes to suit any glass Roor bong.

Diffusers & Downstems

Roor diffuser

If your aiming for that perfect bong hit, getting the correct downstem or diffuser length is essential.

Bowl Holders

Roor bowl holders

Knocking over your bowl can either damage it or knock the contents all over the floor, having a Roor bowl holder around is a great addition to any Roor collection.

Stash Jars

Roor glass stash jar

If you like to buy your herb in bulk and store it so it lasts your a long time, a Roor stash jar is highly recommended. Glass is known to be the best material to you stash your herb in for long periods of time.

Carbon Filter Adapter

Roor carbon filter adapter

The Roor carbon filter adapter is a great accessory to any bong. This filter adds an extra layer of filtration to the smoke filtering out any of the bad carcinogens the water may have missed

Roor Reducer

Roor reducers

This is a very handy accessory to own as the Roor reducer allows you to connect larger or smaller bong parts to different size bongs. This is a must have if you have a large collection of glass.


Roor glass poker

The Roor Glass Pokers are a great accessory to aid any bong session. Glass pokers are also great to help stir any of your bud around or even oil concentrates to make sure they catch an even burn.


Steamroller Pipes

Roor glass steamroller pipes


Roor have made their very own steamroller pipe and it comes in sizes mini, small and large. Roor steamroller pipes are slightly different to your traditional standard Roor pipes, they are very efficient and easy to use while travelling.

Cleaning Supplies

Roor anti-lime Solution

Roor anti-lime cleaning solution


Roor anti-lime solution is a great purchase if you are the type of bong lover to keep your glass collection clean and healthy.

Remember, when you buy a roor bong, you are not only purchasing a device to smoke from but you become part of the Roor community. It’s a culture and you should be proud to be a part of it.

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