My Bud Vase™

Ever wanted a flower vase bong? Well the company My Bud Vase™ specializes in them has come up with some of the most classic and vintage looking vase water bongs and pipes online. They don’t only just offer glass vase bongs though, they have some awesome looking bowls, jewelry, stash caches, grinders and ash trays, so you are spoilt for choice if you want to get transported back to the mid-1900s.

Vase Bongs


The “Aurora” water vase bong is a colorful, shiny flower vase that comes with peacock feathers and looks pretty.

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The “Coyote” flower vase bong is ceramic made with a sand textured covering and a matte finish.

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The “Flamingo” vase bong is a pink and feathery piece with a golden neck for an added touch of style.

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The “Joy” vase bong comes as an elegant three-piece set that blends right in with china cutlery

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This traditional looking “Luck” vase bong comes as a three piece set and will blend right in at home.

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The stunning “Monica” white vase bong fits right in to any home. It comes with beautiful pink/white flowers.

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The “Rachel” pink vase bong is shaped in a traditional vase shape base and comes with beautiful white flowers.

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The “Stardust” is a beautiful glass vase bong with hand-painted gold detailing and just looks amazing.

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My Bud Vase™ also offer range of different cannabis styled jewelry that matches there unique and awesome style of other products.

Cannabis Leaf Jewelry Tree

A golden cannabis leaf tree for your bedroom that acts as a great little jewelry hanger to hold your earrings, rings e.c.t.

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My Bud Vase™ also have a range of different replacement bowls, stash jars (stash cache), grinders and even vintage ash trays.

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