Grav labs bubblers have perfected these glass pieces with great designs making the hits much bigger and smoother. Not only will you get bigger and smoother hits with Grav Labs bubblers but they will be so much tastier!

Let’s have a look at the top 5 bubblers made by Grav Labs

Clear Hammer Bubbler

The clear hammer bubbler by Grav Labs is 7 inches in length with a diffused downstem and is designed in a more classical sense. If you are looking for a more simple bubbler than this hammer bubbler is a great choice for begginers.

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Upright Bubbler

The Grav Labs Upright Bubbler stands at 6 inches tall and provides nice tasty hits every time. This upright bubbler has a 14.5mm cup bowl and a fixed diffused downstem.

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Upright Pocket Bubbler

This Grav Labs Upright Pocket Bubbler can be used in a variety of ways, use it with flower or bud, concentrates or even use it with a pre-roll. This upright pocket bubbler has a 10mm female joint and stands at 5 inches.

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Conical Pocket Bubbler

This Grav Labs Conical Pocket Bubbler is very small and does exactly what it is designed to do, be portable and fit in your pocket as its only 2.5 inches in height! It has a 45 degree joint and 10mm female joint.

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Mini Hammer Bubbler

This Mini Hammer Bubbler by Grav Labs is perfect for people on the go and looking for smooth and great tasting hits. This mini bubbler is only 3 inches tall but has a slitted in built diffuser for perfect percolation.

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In conclusion Grav Labs build and make some of the best pipe bubblers around. You are spoilt for choice when choosing, so browse around there great pieces and be comfortable in your purchase.

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