Grav Labs bongs are some of the best you can get. From beaker bongs and straight bongs there will be sure something for you. Made from very strong and durable glass and with some of the best designs in the industry including the helix bong, lets have a look at some of the best Grav Labs bongs you can buy online.

Beaker Bongs

12 inch beaker bong

This beaker bong comes with a fixed downstem which is diffused and includes lowered down ice-notches so you can cool down the smoke even more.

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16 inch beaker bong

This is a great thick beaker bong that includes ice notches, a fixed diffuser and made from 4mm glass. If you want thick milky hits, this is the beaker bong for you.

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8 inch beaker bong

This beaker bong by Grav Labs is a bit small but it is thick and durable! Made from 5mm glass and includes ice notches, this bong is a great addition to any collection

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Straight Bongs

Straight honeycomb bong

This straight bong by Grav Labs has an inbuilt percolator for extra filtration and stands at a height of 12 inches.

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16 inch straight bong

This straight bong is very similar to the 12 inch listed above but stands at 16 inches and comes with a built in percolator, ice notches and made from durable glass.

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Helix Bongs

Grav Labs Helix Bong

The Grav Labs Helix bong is a unique design and provides an extra cooling experience. It has a fixed downstem and makes use of the vortex action it provides when brewing a tasty, milky hit!

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Grav Labs bongs are definitely to be considered when purchasing a bong. They are one fo t he top companies online and you will not be let down by the great design, efficiency and tasty hits these bongs provide.

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