Glasscity make a fantastic range of smoking paraphernalia, including; glass bongs, pipes, diffusers and downstems.

This great range of smoking pieces are made extremely well but are very budget friendly, so it’s great if you are looking for a first time bong or even if you are more experienced and just need something on the cheap, Glasscity will give you a great range of too choice and buy from.

Let’s break down on what they have to offer a bit more below.


The Glasscity bongs range is cheap and excellent, they make very decent glass beaker bongs and percolator bongs.


You can get all kinds of different glass diffusers from inside cut slitted diffusers to a vortex diffuser and more all at budget friendly prices.


If you like to take it back to old school, a nice classic glass spoon pipe might be just right for you.

Limited Editions

The Limited Edition range offers some of the funkier and cooler looking bongs, definitely worth a browse as they have some awesome looking designs.

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