Diamond Glass Recyclers & Dab Rigs

If you are after a way to smoke your herbs, oils, concentrates and more, then checking out the outstanding Diamond Glass recyclers, dab rigs and oil rigs is a must for any serious buyer on the hunt for a decent rig to give justice to their herb. Let’s check out some of the best Diamond glass recycler rigs, dabs rigs and oils rigs below.

60mm Hockey Puck Oil Rog

Standing at a very sturdy 6 inches in height this Diamond Glass 60mm hockey puck oil rig is one of the most popular among first time users and more experiences users. This is an extra high quality rig at an insanely good price.

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Recycler With Matrix Perc

This diamond glass recycler with matrix perc is flawless when it comes to giving you smooth and tasteful hits. Made from thick, quality 4mm glass, check out this recycler rig if you are a big fan of the matrix percolator.

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Mini Klein Recycler Dab Rig

This Diamond Glass Klien recycler dab rig is on the smaller side at 6 inches in height but wow does it look intricate and stylish. A great recycler dab rig that hits just as good as it looks.

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Mini Recycler

The Diamond Glass mini recycler is a very functional rig that is one of the best-selling recyclers you can get right now. This mini recycler is 5 inches tall and has a fixed diffuser downstem.

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Double Barrel Recycler

This fantastic Diamond Glass double recycler rig has many features, for starters it has a double barrel recycler, dual 4 slit percs, made from 5 mm thick borosilicate glass and is 8 inches in height.

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Triple Incycler Dab Rig

This stunningly made Diamond Glass triple recycler dab rig is another amazing design by Diamond Glass. This triple incycler dab rig continuously recycles water through its percolator giving very smooth hits.

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Circ to Circ Oil Rig

This 8 Inch micro circ to circ oil rig by Diamond Glass is truly a great rig. It has stacked circ percolators which give a stunning show of bubbles when in use. 8 inches in height and don’t look past the double circ percs.

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Bent Neck Oil Rig

This 7 inch bent neck oil rig by Diamond Glass may be cheaper than the other rigs listed but it’s quality for sure is not any cheaper! Overall this bent neck oil rig with it’s inline percolator Is a great investment for anyone that is needing to budget.

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Hockey Puck Oil Rig

Another fantastic hockey puck oil rig by Diamond Glass that gives extra big and impactful hits, it is also very easy to clean and stands very sturdy, so if you are clumsy this rig might be perfect for you.

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