Diamond Glass Pipes

A Diamond Glass pipe can be a great feature to any smoking glass collection out there but If you are looking for something a bit more sophisticated then some of the Sherlock pipes I list below might be of great interest to you.

Standing Sherlock Pipe

If you want to feel like the great detective Sherlock Homes, then this Diamond Glass standing Sherlock Pipe is just for you. This glass Sherlock pipe is 4inches in length and just generally looks awesome.

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Ice Blue Sherlock Pipe

This beautifully made Diamond Glass ice blue Sherlock pipe is just lovely to look at and outstanding to smoke from. This pipe is 6 inches in length and is extremely well made and feels great in the hand.

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Classic Sherlock Hand Pipe

This 6 inch classic Sherlock hand pipe by Diamond Glass has a height of 3.5 inches and comes in a choice of different colors. This classic pipe also features a carb-hole and just would look awesome on the side table.

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