Diamond Glass Bongs

If you are making a list of the best glass bongs on the market right now, then Diamond Glass bongs should certainly be on it. From glass beaker bongs, straight bongs and percolator bongs, Diamond Glass has a bong for everyone, from newbies, to straight up veterans.

Beaker Bongs

The Diamond Glass beaker bongs all have that classical beaker shape and created to a very high standard. With a nice range to choose from, here are three of best-selling beaker bongs.

The Awesome Beaker Bong

A nice thick 9mm glass bong and stands at 12 inches high.

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8 Inch Beaker Bong

Made from 5mm thick glass and stands at 8 inches, this mini Diamond Glass beaker bong is a great little addition to any bong set.

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9mm Thick Beaker Bong

This 9mm beaker bong by Diamond Glass is a pretty large sized bong. It has a height of 18 inches, perfect if you are after large, tasty hits.

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Straight Bongs

If you love the straight tube style bongs, the Diamond Glass have you covered! Here is a list of a couple of the most popular straight bongs.

8 Inch Straight Bong

This little straight tube bong can be either used as a primary piece or one to take on the go. This mini bong is a great quality bong at a great price.

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Classic Straight Tube Bong

The classic Diamond Glass straight bong is a perfect all-rounder, standing tall at 13 inches, made with 5mm thick glass and comes with a nice 14mm glass bowl.

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Percolator Bongs

You could say Diamond Glass are the masters of percolator bongs, they have come up with some of the best and most well-crafted percs you can get right now.

Moonrock Percolator Bong

The Moonrock bong by Diamond Glass has an inbuilt spherical moonrock percolator and delivers amazingly cool, big, tasty hits.

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Showerhead Lightbulb Percolator Bong

This beaker percolator bong by Diamond Glass is a fantastic buy; it brews big milky hits and is currently at a great price.

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Mini Perc Glass Bong

This mini bong with slittled showerhead percolator by Diamond Glass packs larger hits then you may think, so be careful. Overall, it’s a great piece at a great price.

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Matrix Straight Percolator Bong

One of the best selling percolator bongs, this Matrix Straight Tube Bong by Diamond Glass is popular for many reasons. It’s a tall piece at 15 inches and made with thick 5mm glass.

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