Diamond Glass Bong Bowls

Diamond Glass 14mm & 18mm bong bowls are definitely in my opinion some of the best bang for your buck bowls you can currently get online. Well made and well priced, so if you are after a Diamond Glass bowl, we have listed two of the most popular bowls below.

14mm Clear Bowl

This classically shaped 14mm bong bowl by Diamond Glass is great for any glass bong, it’s perfectly shaped to help you pack it to get bigger amounts of herb inside, easy to clean and repack, just overall a great bong bowl for a great price.

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14mm Diamond Bowl

Just like all of their other high quality smoking paraphernalia, this 14mm diamond bowl piece by Diamond Glass is a fantastic bong bowl for the price, great as a replacement bowl or great just to have a bit of art in your house, hehe.

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18mm Honeycomb Screen Bowl

This Diamond Glass 18mm bong slide bowl features a honeycomb screen and an awesome looking trippy design (3 trippy designs to choose from). If you have a 18mm bong, this bowl could be a great addition to it.

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