CBD Vape Juice

CBD Vape juice is a blend of CBD oil and a carrier liquid meant to be used with a vaporizer. It also known as e-liquid, e-juice and vape oil. Vape juice comes in a variety of flavours and different potencies from beginner to more experienced.

Vaping is one of the most popular ways to consume CBD oil because inhaling directly into the lungs bypasses the digestive system and allows CBD to be absorbed straight into the bloodstream. In other words you will feel the effects a lot faster.

Best CBD Vape Juice

JustCBD Vape Juice Oil

JustCBD offers 8 delicious flavors of vape oil. These include pineapple express, watermelon, cookies, blueberry, strawberry cheesecake, mango ice, blue razz and pina colada. They come in a 60ml bottle size and only contain 3 ingredients: CBD, USP grade propylene glycol and USP grade vegetable glycerine. You can choose from 100mg, 250mg, 500mg or 1000mg per bottle depending on the strength you are looking for.

Buy JustCBD Vape Oil

Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Juice

Hemp Bombs offers a 125mg or 750mg bottle of CBD vape juice. It is made from premium ingredients and comes in 3 flavours including watermelon, blueberry and mango. Hemp Bombs’ CBD eliquid is tested by independent labs and links to their report. It contains no THC or nicotine.

Avida CBD Vape Juice

AvidaCBD offers a variety of flavors of vape juice including blue raspberry, blue razz, berry grape, mango mango, kiwi strawberry, chilled fruit punch, chilled berry melonade, blueberry cake and flavorless. They also have a build your CBD vape juice bundle so you can pick a variety of flavors and buy as a multipack.

Each bottle is 30ml and contains CBD isolate. There are 3 choices of concentrate – 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg. Each 1ml of 250mg concentrate contains 8.5mg of CBD. Each 1ml of 500mg concentrate contains 17mg of CBD and in the 1000mg concentrate 1ml is equivalent to 34mg of CBD.

AvidaCBD’s products are third party tested and their CBD is sourced from non-gmo cannabis.

CBD Juice Effects

Vaping is an effective way of reducing pain quickly. These effects can last a long while too. It is beneficial for those suffering from chronic conditions such arthritis. CBD is good at helping inflammation too.

Vaping can also help your mental health without any risk of long term impairment. One study found that CBD reduced anxiety and stress in participants before they were due to speak in public. Cognitive impairment, anxiety and discomfort during their performance were significantly reduced [1].

Vaping CBD will NOT make you feel cloudy minded and will not interfere in your ability to work. You should feel clear headed, more focused and calm. It will not make you feel high. Any CBD oil will have zero or under 0.3% of THC in it. THC is what gives you the high feeling from cannabis not CBD. No matter how much you smoke you can not get high.

Can You Mix CBD Oil with Vape Juice?

If you already vape and have a favourite vape juice you would like to use, you can mix this with CBD oil. Most manufacturers will advise you to mix one drop of CBD oil in with your preferred vape juice. Of course, for beginners, this might not feel accurate enough when dosing CBD.

The good news is that most CBD oil bottles will have serving sizes and will explicitly state how much CBD a drop of oil will give you. You can start off with a low dose and build up gradually. Most CBD oil will have guidelines on this but 2mg-5mg may be a good starting point.

You have 2 ways to add the CBD oil to your vape juice. You can put it directly into your vape tank or you can order your vape juice as a shortfill and add a CBD booster. If adding straight to your tank you will want to work out how much CBD oil you would want to vape in a day.


1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21307846

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