Percolator Bongs

If you’ve been smoking tobacco or weed for quite some time you may or may not of heard of Percolator Bongs, but you also know that smoking can be a mix of heaven and hell. For the heaven part, we could all agree, it’s pretty straightforward. Maybe so straightforward and easy to figure out that there’s no need to discuss it.

Let’s get one thing clear. No matter how awesome it otherwise is to smoke using a bong, it can be a hassle when you’re dealing with hot smoke. You may be thinking, isn’t that what the water in the bong is supposed to take care of? Not necessarily.

If you draw hard, the smoke can still be hot. In many cases, traditional bongs don’t have water. You get the smoke straight from the chamber. The bong design is so effective that it pulls quite a bit of smoke from the plant. It does its job well.

Best Percolator Bongs

Double Percolator Bong

Includes: 18 mm Male Bowl

Height: 12 inches

Joint Size: 18.8 mm

Material: Glass

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Bong Percolator Attachment

Perc Type: Hammerhead

Height: 4 inches

Joint Size: 18.8 mm Male

Bowl Size: 18.8 mm Female

Material: Glass

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Honeycomb Percolator Bong

Perc Type: Honeycomb

Height: 25.5 cm / 10 inches

Glass Thickness: 4.0 mm

Joint Size: 14.5 mm

Material: Glass

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The problem is, in this context, its efficiency might be its undoing. When you draw a tremendous amount of smoke in a short period, the smoke doesn’t have enough of an opportunity to cool down. There simply isn’t enough time for that to happen.

This is especially true if you are using a very hot lighter. When you pull this hot smoke into your lungs, it can be murder on your lungs. There are no other words to describe it. It can be very harsh.

You may be thinking that it’s not a lot of people react that way. Sure. It also depends on the quality of the weed that you are smoking.

If you’re smoking stuff that is mostly flowers and has a lot of THC crystals on it, you probably would have a fairly smooth experience.

On the other hand, if you’re dealing with an ordinary quality or even lower than average quality weed, you might have a problem on your hands. It might be too harsh and too strong that you end up coughing.

Indeed, a lot of people who are hit hard by that smoke are simply caught unprepared. They just didn’t know what hit them. It’s as if they got their head turned one way and somebody smacked them with a 500-pound sack of stones from their left side. Who needs that?

The coughing fits can be so harsh that you might lose control and drop the bong. All sorts of problems can happen. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing this alone or if you’re doing it in a group.

People might be pointing and laughing. It’s a great comedy break but a hot piece of metal or a metal bowl dropping on the floor and bouncing around, it’s not exactly an experienced stoners definition of a safe smoking experience. What do you do?

This is where percolator bongs come in. Percolator bongs are designed to be filled with water up to a certain extent. The idea is to percolate the smoke through water so that it has enough of an opportunity to cool down before it reaches your lungs.

This means you can say goodbye to harsh hot smoking experiences. As awesome as this benefit maybe, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Cleaner smoke

One of the best benefits of glass percolator bongs is that you’re insured of a cleaner smoke. You may be thinking to yourself: given how modern marijuana has evolved and how powerful buds are nowadays, do you need to clean the smoke? You may have a point there.

If you’ve been smoking for some time, you know that your supply quality tends to go up and down. Maybe your regular source from a dispensary or recreational marijuana store in Vegas, Colorado, California and elsewhere is out of the good stuff.

Maybe your budget hit rock bottom for this month and you just have to content yourself with subpar weed. What happens then? You probably already know how harsh low-quality cheap weed can be.

If it’s harsh smoking that stuff in joint form, do you think it’s going to improve magically just because you used a bong? This is why using a percolator bong is your best choice.

Percolator bongs pull the smoke into the water so that any kind of pollutant or lung irritant is trapped in the water. All that’s left is when you pull or draw in the smoke, it is clean and cool down the smoke.

Great conversation piece

Let’s get one thing clear. A lot of people like to show off. One of the best ways to show off when you’re smoking is basically to pull all that smoke into your lungs as the water percolates.

This happens when you pull off the bowl stem and the air is pulled into the chamber. The smoke-filled chamber quickly clears up because all that smoke ended up in your lungs.

This makes for a great conversation piece among people you’re smoking with. It doesn’t matter whether it’s their first time enjoying the distinct charms and pleasures of marijuana or they’re a tried and proven veteran.

There’s just something new, mystical, and dare I say magical about the whole process of just clearing up the chamber. Usually, this is followed up by a big grin. People just smiling, joking around, and having a great old time.

Do yourself a big favor. If you’re tired of very hot pipes, bongs, and just harsh smoke in general, you might want to consider looking into percolator bongs.

Still undecided if a percolator bong is for you? Check this video out and see if it helps!