Lava Lamp Bong

If you love the style of lava lamps then the lava lamp water bong can be a great novelty gift for yourself or a friend. These lava bongs can be pretty hard to get your hands on though but we have found an online place.

Lava Lamp Bong For Sale

This lava lamp bong is 9 inches in height and made from 5mm thick, durable glass. It has a 14mm female joint and comes with a glass bowl. This is a great piece if you like the design!

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If you were to ask people who have bought the lava lamp bong, and what its biggest selling point is, it would really all boil down to novelty factor. It’s a great conversation piece, all thought it still hits like a champ.

It is definitely a specialty product. It has a relatively limited market, and that adds to its overall charm. The fact that this is relatively rare, is sure to make people who buy it stand out. This gives something for people to talk about.

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