Ice Bongs

Having an ice catcher bong isn’t always a must but the ice notches that are included gives ice bongs a touch that adds a much better smoking experience overall.

If you want a really smooth smoking experience, purchasing a ice water bong is the way to get it. Let’s have a look 7 of the best ice bongs on the market right now.

Straight Ice Bongs

10 Inch Straight Ice Bong

One of the best selling bongs out there, this straight 10 inch Ice bong made by Glasscity, is a fantastic well made piece that can’t be beaten for the price.

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9mm Straight Ice Bong

Black Leaf are one of the well known bong brands and this 45cm, 9mm straight ice bong, is exactly why. High quality piece for a great price.

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Pink Mini Beaker Bong

This standard mini pink beaker bong is a great little water bong that hits like a champ. It’s 8.5 inches in height and made from 5mm thick high quality glass.

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Beaker Ice Bongs

10 Inch Ice Beaker Bong

Another best selling ice catcher bong by Glasscity, this beaker ice bong is 10 inches in height and made from high-quality borosilicate glass.

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Dragon Beaker Ice Bong

This awesome ice bong piece by Grace Glass is definitely a piece of art too. It’s 35cm tall and made from really thick 7mm glass.

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Percolator Ice Bongs

6 Arm Percolator Ice Bong (Beaker)

Want an amazing water bong that is pretty much an all in one, then this percolator ice catcher bong is an amazing bong for the price, well worth a look.

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6 Arm Percolator Ice Bong (Straight)

Another very high quality piece by Black leaft at a great price. This straight percolator ice bong hits hard and is great for smooth big hits.

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Ice bongs have become very popular precisely because they address a crucial issue with basic bongs. What problem is this? Well, the smoke can get really harsh. Even if you are smoking high-quality stuff, the burning process introduces lots of debris in the smoke.

Having a diffuser and percolator is a great addition to any bong but using ice in your bong makes the smoke even cooler, this adds that extra touch, so you can inhale more smoke in one hit.

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