Gravity Bongs

Gravity bongs are amazing products of stoner engineering. There are no other words to describe the genius that went into this simple yet powerful design.

If you’ve ever used a gravity bong, you would know firsthand that a gravity bong will be able to extract as much smoke from whatever dried herbs or substances you’re trying to enjoy (from tobacco to marijuana) and in turn, pump that material into your lungs.

It’s quick, easy (although it’s not possible, it feels like it), and deadly. It is no surprise that gravity bongs are pretty much a mainstay in dorm rooms throughout the United States.

Best Gravity Bongs

Now we know what a gravity bong is and you know how to make one, let’s have a look at some of the very best gravity bongs for sale right now.

Glass Gravity Bong

The Gravitron gravity bong by Grav Labs is probably the best glass gravity bong for sale online right now.


Comes in two sizes; 11 & 14 inches
Made from strong borosilicate glass

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Invertible Gravity Bong

The infinity waterfall gravity bong is a unique design, it’s basically a beautiful waterfall gravity bong!


15 inch (38 cm) tall

What you’ll get:

1 x Custom Infinity Waterfall hard case
1 x down-stem
1 x Filtration down-stem
1 x Upright Bamboo stem holder

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Vortex Gravity Bong

The Vortex gravity bong is a simple design made from strong durable  acrylic.

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Bukket Gravity Bong

This Bukket Gravity bong is very portable and great to take to parties.


Provides massive hits!

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What is a Gravity Bong?

Imagine yourself hanging out with friends and somebody whips out some of the sticky stinky green stuff but you don’t have the necessary smoking implements.

Somebody who’s probably taking engineering notices that there are two water bottles or soda bottles lying around that are slightly different in size. One bottle if cut up would fit neatly into the other bottle.

After making the necessary cuts the two bottles are arranged. The larger bottle is filled with water and the smaller bottle is put inside and submerged in the larger bottle.

Somebody would then come up with the aluminum foil, poke some holes into it, and use it as a bowl. It’s a rudimentary and very crude bowl but it does the trick.

The person who brought the supply would then pack the makeshift bowl with the necessary herbs. Again, this could be tobacco or old school marijuana.

How To Use A Gravity Bong

Once the herbs are lit, the person holding the top bottle then slowly pull up the bottle so that the force of the vacuum created by the submerged water pulls all the biochemical goodness out of the burning plant matter.

This is when somebody takes off the aluminum foil and puts his or her lips around the bottle opening and starts to push down the bottle back into the water. Gravity bongs pack a tremendous amount of smoke into every square centimeter of your lung cavity.

No joke. If you are the type of smoker that coughs easily, you might want to think twice about using a gravity bong’s full capacity. You might want to switch up with a buddy halfway or part of the way.

Ounce for ounce, gram for gram, gravity bongs are extremely efficient when it comes to getting smoke from point A to point B. Indeed, these devices generate more smoke per amount of plant matter than any traditional water pipes. Hands down. There’s no space for debate.

Gravity bongs take efficiency to the next level

The good news about gravity bongs is that you don’t have to make your own. As you probably already know, if you’ve seen the scene that I’ve just described above actually play out, it takes quite a bit of creative cutting.

You have to be very precise. You also have to know what you’re doing. It also helps to have all the right materials with the proper measurements. Thankfully there are specially designed gravity bongs that are ready to make.

They are made of glass or plastic. If you’re looking to save quite a few bucks, you might want to go with a plastic assembly. These are fairly durable and cheap. They will not break when you drop them by accident. Other than to clean up your mess, there is no need to deal with broken pieces of glass. Plastic bongs are also very portable and easy to bring along with you when you travel.

The only downside to these units is that they don’t handle heat all that well. Some users complain that the heat on plastic somehow impacts the taste of the smoke. Other than this, plastic bongs are an excellent option.

If you don’t want to hassle with heat, you might want to consider glass bongs. These are made out of thick glass. They handle heat quite well, which could be the reason why they are the most popular among the other types of bongs. They say that to use a glass bong will give you the purest and cleanest taste. It doesn’t react to heat like plastic does.

In Conclusion…

However, they have their share of disadvantages. They’re not all that durable.

They can be quite fragile. One really hard impact is all it takes to break it. After all, glass is glass. They are made to be breakable.

Also, they can set you back a few dollars. They’re not exactly cheap. Once you displace the water, the gravity bong does the trick.

A well-designed gravity bong makes extracting smoke from whatever it is you’re burning, quick and easy. Look for efficiency. Also, consider cost and durability. There is quite a bit of trade-off especially when it comes to heat resistance.

Finally, look for a unit that has the form factor and size that best fits your smoking habits. For example, if you need a fairly small unit, then look for a gravity bong that has that small compact form.

The downside of this is that it must have enough water. It can be so small that the water displacement doesn’t occur. Remember, the main reason why you’re getting this type of bong in the first place.

You want the water displacement to create the powerful vacuum that would extract every single gram of juicy biochemical goodness from the plant matter that you are burning.

Everything else is secondary. If the displacement isn’t there, then you probably would be better off looking for another model.

And IF YOU MUST make a gravity bong (which i don’t recommend) always choose glass over plastic/acrylic.

Check out the video below on how to make a gravity bong.