Gravity Bongs

Gravity bongs are amazing products of stoner engineering. There are no other words to describe the genius that went into this simple yet powerful design.

If you’ve ever used a gravity bong, you would know firsthand that a gravity bong will be able to extract as much smoke from whatever dried herbs or substances you’re trying to enjoy (from tobacco to marijuana) and in turn, pump that material into your lungs.

Now let’s get to the point and have a look at some of the very best gravity bongs for sale online right now.

Glass Gravity Bong

The Gravitron gravity bong by Grav Labs is probably the best glass gravity bong for sale online right now.


Comes in two sizes; 11 & 14 inches
Made from strong borosilicate glass

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Invertible Gravity Bong

The infinity waterfall gravity bong is a unique design, it’s basically a beautiful waterfall gravity bong!


15 inch (38 cm) tall

What you’ll get:

1 x Custom Infinity Waterfall hard case
1 x down-stem
1 x Filtration down-stem
1 x Upright Bamboo stem holder

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Vortex Gravity Bong

The Vortex gravity bong is a simple design made from strong durableĀ  acrylic.

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Bukket Gravity Bong

This Bukket Gravity bong is very portable and great to take to parties.


Provides massive hits!

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If you are not sure what is a gravity bong or how to use a gravity bong and / or can’t afford any of the great and healthier glass gravity bongs for sale, the you could always make one and learn how to use them instead.

Homemade gravity bongs are normally made from plastic and i do not recommend smoking from plastic! But anyway check out the video below on how to make a gravity bong.

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