Glass Bongs

If you are racking your brains trying to figure out the very best glass bongs for sale to buy online, right now, then listen up.

Let’s just jump straight to it… here are some key suggestions along with some commentary on the top 16 glass water bongs for sale currently on the internet.

Glass Beaker Bongs

18 Inch Beaker Tube Bong

This classic beaker bong by the California company Maverick Glass is a great piece to add to anyone’s collection. Standing at 18 inches tall and made with 5mm thick american glass, you can be assured this glass bong will give massive hits!

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Geometric Ice Pinch Beaker Bong

This very cool glass beaker bong features a geometric ice pinch which is pretty unique to bongs. It allows for for an easy grip handle and also it acts like ice-notches so you can cool down the smoke even further.

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10 Inch Beaker Bong

This perfectly sized bong was crafted by the Diamond Glass company which are known for there high quality bongs. Standing at 10 inches high with ice notches and having a slitted downstem makes this bong hit really well!

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12 Inch Twisted Glass Spiral Bong

This American made and beautifully designed twisted spiral bong and provides no splash back when taking big hits. It comes with a 14mm bowl and every base is unique to the purchaser. I say when buying this bong you’re not only getting a great bong but also a great piece of art.

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Glass Percolator Beaker Bong

This Black Leaf Glass Beaker Bong has a 6-slit dome percolator, inside cut 18.8mm to 14.5mm slitted downstem diffuser and also a precooler with a 14.5mm joint. Not only that the price of this bong is incredible cheap for what you get!

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Glasscity Beaker Ice Bong

This Glasscity beaker bong is made from high-quality borosilicate glass and stands at 10 inches tall. It comes with a slitted downstem for extra filtration and ice notches for extra cool down for the smoke. Glasscity are known for great quality cheap glass bongs, so check them out.

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Bubble Base Glass Zong Bong

This bong has a bubble base and the neck has been shaped in the style of the classic ‘Zong’ bong.This Zong styled bong stands at 8 inches tall and comes with a diffused downstem. Made by LA Pipes, Great Bong if you like the Zong design.

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Concentrate Beaker Bong

This beaker base rig is designed more for dabs but is a cross between a dab rig and a normal glass bong. Standing at 7 inches tall and has a fixed slitted downstem diffuser. This bong is perfect for any smoker that prefers dabbing.

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Straight Glass Bongs

10 Inch Straight Glass Bong

Glasscity make some of the best bongs in the world at unbeatable prices and this straight glass bong proves that. At 10 inches in height, this bong is perfect for newbies and long term users. Really a fantastic piece at the price.

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19 Inch Straight Glass Bong

If you are looking for a high quality straight piece, then this 19 inch Black leaf bong made from 7mm glass might be just what you are looking for. Incredible sturdy and has a stable 12mm thick circular foot. This is a large bong and delivers big hits, so be prepared!

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14 inch Skinny Guy Straight Bong

This slim straight tube bong, made in California, is designed just like the classic design. It’s made with thick glass and features ice notches really far down the tube so you can pack this thing with massive amounts of ice.

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Showerhead Straight Percolator Bong

Made from 4.5mm strong durable glass and standing at 14 inches tall, this showerhead perc bong is perfect for anyone looking for a bong that will cool down the smoke considerable at a reasonable price.

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Straight Bong With Zombie Art

Not only is this straight bong by AMG Glass well made and durable, it features some awesome looking Zombie artwork. It stands at 18 inches and includes ice notches, this bong is a really well made all round bong.

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Skull Pattern Straight Glass Bong

Another awesome looking and well made bong by AMG glass. This one features a very cool skull pattern artwork and comes with a diffused slitted downstem so you know you are getting a very decent bong. Like skulls? Get this bong!

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Triple Honeycomb Bong

A very high quality glass honeycomb bong at a very reasonable price. Made from 5mm borosilicate glass for durability and stands at 12 inches in height. You get triple diffusion in this straight bong and ice notches, this bong is guaranteed to give you one of the smoothest hits possible.

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Matrix Straight Shot Glass Bong

A very well made, stylish and durable piece, this Matrix Straight Shot bong comes with a showerhead perc that doubles as a splash guard. It comes with ice notches and a slitted diffused downstem. Want a high quality straight bong, check this piece out.

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When you are searching around the market for glass bong or any bong for that matter, keep a big picture view or take a broader survey of what glass bongs are available right now, so you can have something to cross compare.

If you are thinking of purchasing a really cheap glass water bong because you think it will save you in the long run, then remember, if you keep breaking one bong after another because it doesn’t work or it breaks easily, those $10 to $50 purchases can add up. It kind of creeps up on you, so do yourself a big favor and pick a high quality glass bong the first time around.

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