Coffee Cup Bongs

The Coffee Mug Bong is the perfect combination for those who love their coffee AND smoke in the morning. While sipping on your coffee, you can enjoy a few tokes too, without reaching for a separate pipe. A convenient and quirky gift for any of our dabbling friends.

Glass Coffee Cup Bong

The GRAV glass coffee mug pipe is a stylish bong that is a mug only in appearance. Unlike the previous products, this one doesn’t hold your coffee too. It’s simple, yet elegant design effectively conceals a bubbler. The coffee mug design makes it comfortable to grip

The GRAV coffee mug bubbler is made from borosilicate glass and stands 7inches tall from the top of the straw neck mouthpiece down to the base of the mug. The percolator and smoke pathway are built into its handle.

This is a beautiful coffee cup bong, it looks good, it’s curvy and the main chamber provides plenty of space for your smoke to cool.

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Premium Roast & Toast Mug

The Premium Roast and Toast mug pipe holds 10 ounces of your drink of choice and again is combined with a ceramic bowl.

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Wake and Bake Mug

This Coffee Pot wake n bake mug bong holds 8 ounces of coffee, tea or whatever drink you love, as well as giving you a usable pipe. The carburetor is hidden in the handle so it i pretty discreet and looks more like a novelty mug than a functioning pipe mug! It comes in a variety of color and designs to choose from.

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High Tea Ceramic Mug Pipe

The Roast & Toast “High Tea” mug pipe comes in green, purple and black. It will hold 11 ounces of your finest beverage. The front features a working bowl and the handle is the mouthpiece making it the perfect combo for sipping tea and getting high.

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Roast & Toast 420 Mug Pipe

This ceramic little beauty has a fully functional pipe with the mouthpiece at the top of the handle of the cup. It has a deep bowl wrapped around the mug’s body and there is even a carb hole on the handle of the mug.

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Best Places To Buy

The coffee cup pipe / bong can be a great little addition to your morning routine and can make a great gift for those who love something a little bit different but helpful. Below is the best places online to buy the coffee mug bongs, cups and pipes.

Buy coffee cup bongs from DankGeek.

Purchase from NamasteVaporizers.


Browse and shop for mug bongs at SmokeCartel.


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