Cereal Bowl Bongs

Why not wake and bake the right way? With the Cereal Bowl Bong you can literally put your cereal and milk in the middle as the inner chamber is curved and hollow and at the same time, you can take a nice big tasty hit by using it’s in-built bong.

All though these types of pipes and bongs are hard to come by, let’s take look at some of the best cereal bowl bongs for sale right now.

Ceramic Cereal Bowl Bong

This green Wake and Bake Ceramic Cereal Bowl Bong is a 6 inch bowl which can be either used as a bowl or a bong! If you want to get really creative you can use it as a bowl and bong at the same time.

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Ceramic Cereal Bowl Pipe

This is the Roast and Toast Ceramic Cereal Bowl Pipe, it is basically a bowl with an inbuilt smoking pipe for your weed and tobaco.

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Glass Cereal Box Bong

This Glass Cereal Box Bong looks exactly just like a juice cartoon that would fit right into your lunchbox. It’s about 7.5 inches in height and hits pretty well.

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Now, with that said, please understand that cereal bowl bongs can have a lot of different uses. You don’t necessarily have to load it with milk and cornflakes to enjoy breakfast after or while smoking weed.

You could just use it as a stash jar and put your cannabis in the bowl and maybe cover it for easy pickings later, or use it as some sort of ornament, decorative item or a novelty gift.

What ever you decided to buy it for, it can always be handy to have an extra bong and cereal bowl lying about.

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