A bubbler bong is a smaller smoking device that has a round bottom like a beaker, and it has a stem and a bowl that sticks out from the side. In other words, it’s like the typical bong where it uses water but reduced into a smaller form to act like a pipe.

We have listed some of the coolest and best water bubblers you can buy online right now.

Best Glass Bubbler Bong

Glass Sherlock Bubbler

Made From Glass
20.3 cm / 8 inches Tall

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Glass Mini Bubbler Bong

Made From Glass
10 mm Glass Bowl

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Mini Bubbler by SWRV

Made From Glass
15 Inches Tall

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The Snake Bubbler

Made From 3 mm Glass
5 Inches Tall
Changes Color in Light

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With a water bubbler you can easily transport from place to place as you travel and it is indeed quite cheap and portable. But how do you transport a full-sized bong? The short answer, of course, is you don’t. This is where bubblers come in because they are the marriage of two worlds. They take the very best elements of a pipe and marry that with that of a glass bong.

There’s no argument that for a lot of people traveling in an RV or recreational vehicle or some sort of camper, bubbler bongs will be most preferable. This makes road weed sessions so much more fun. It’s due to the fact that bubbler bongs are highly portable. It doesn’t have a big footprint, and it’s not all that heavy. It’s very handy and easy to use while on the road.

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