A glass bubbler bong is a smaller smoking device that has a round bottom like a beaker, and it has a stem and a bowl that sticks out from the side. In other words, it’s like the typical bong but reduced into a smaller form.

There are many different variations of this basic design. As long as it’s small, with bowl and stem stemming from the side and has a rounded bottom, you have yourself a bubbler bong.

It’s supposed to be small and easy to work with but these are very big promises.

As you could tell from the in-depth discussion to follow, most bubbler bongs have a tough time living up to the hype. This doesn’t mean that they cannot live up to it, but you just have to find the right design.

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Glass Sherlock Bubbler

Made From Glass
20.3 cm / 8 inches Tall

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Glass Mini Bubbler Bong

Made From Glass
10 mm Glass Bowl

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Mini Bubbler by SWRV

Made From Glass
15 Inches Tall

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The Snake Bubbler

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5 Inches Tall
Changes Color in Light

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The idea is to get a small, cheap bong that you can easily transport from place to place as you travel. You can easily do that with a bubbler bong but, it is indeed quite cheap and portable, but not without its fair share of disadvantages.

It turns out that living up to the hype is quite a tall order given the small footprint you are going to be working with.

Here are just some reasons to consider

1. You get the feeling that you are smoking from a pipe instead of a glass bong

A glass bong is a very powerful marijuana inhalation device. Very few people would argue with that statement.

In fact, this type of bong is designed from the ground up to extract the maximum smoke from whatever dried plant material you are loading into the bowl. No arguments there.

The problem is you need a certain size dimension for a classic bong to work. Whether it’s glass bong or silicon model, it doesn’t matter. An excellent smoking session was designed originally with a specific bong size in mind. This is how the original creators came up with the precise dimensions of a classic bong.

It is no surprise then that people who are looking to enjoy bongs on the road, are going to have a tough time replicating this amazing experience with a classic bong, while on the go and with the use of a bubbler bong. The only option really is to bring your old bong with you.

But how do you transport a full-sized bong? The short answer, of course, is you don’t.

This is where bubblers come in because they are the marriage of two worlds. They take the very best elements of a pipe and marry that with that of a glass bong.

There’s no argument that for a lot of people traveling in an RV or recreational vehicle or some sort of camper, bubbler bongs will be most preferable. This makes road weed sessions so much more fun. It’s due to the fact that bubbler bongs are highly portable. It doesn’t have a big footprint, and it’s not all that heavy. It’s very handy and easy to use while on the road.

Also, a lot of bubbler units are actually made out of plastic or tempered silicon. This means that they are able to take a lot more heavy usage and blows and impacts than your standard traditional glass smoking devices. You can use it as many time as you like, without it having to break down or fall apart.

2. What About Smoke Quality?

In terms of smoke quality, I’ve got some good news for you. These devices use a simple diffuser design. This is good enough given its small compact form.

Accordingly, you would get a nice hit even though you’re dealing with a smaller smoking device. You pay a high price for this though.

The smoke that you inhale is not going to be as smooth as with a traditional bong. The upside is, since there is water in the bubbler bong, it’s not going to be dry.

Generally speaking, bubblers come in just one piece because if not, it will shrink back on its portability promise. Ease of transport and storage are the main selling points of this type of bong.

Unfortunately, you pay a high price for it. I’m not talking about dollars and cents necessarily. I’m talking about maintenance.

This category of bong is quite well-known for the fact that they require high maintenance. They’re not really very easy to maintain and clean because of their one-piece construction. Unlike a classic bong which you can take apart and clean, it’s impossible for the bubbler bong.

Also, given that a lot of these bongs are either made of molded glass or molded silicon, they’re not really all that easy to customize or accessorize.

Keep these shortcomings in mind if you are on the market for this type of smoking device. It’s not as clear cut of a recommendation or a solution as you may have imagined.

Still, if you are looking to save quite a decent amount of money, and on the low end, you can definitely pick up one of these devices for as little as $20.

On the high end, if you’re looking for something made out of all glass or something that looks specially pretty, expect to pay as much as a $180.

Make no mistake. Bubbler bong has more than its fair share of fans and critics. It really all depends on your personal smoking style as well as your own preferences and unique circumstances.