Bong Bowls

What do you look for if you are in the market for a bong bowl or slide?

Before you hit a wide range of online stores or go on one Google search hunt after another for a bong bowl, you need to think about the basic purpose of this device.

Please understand that it has two very simple jobs.

First, it holds the herbal material that you are going to smoke. Second, it has to fit, snugly or reasonably well, the stem that you use to plug into your bong.

So let’s look below for some of the very best bong bowls for sale.

Best Bong Bowls

14 mm Snapper Bowl

Joint Size: 14.5 mm

Material: Glass

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Bowl With Honeycomb Screen

Joint Size: 10 mm, 14.5 mm & 18.8 mm (male)

Material: Glass

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Built-in Screen Glass Bowl

Joint Size: Fits 14.5 mm & 18.8 mm female

Material: Glass

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G-Spot Pure Glass Bowl Cone

Joint Size: 14.5 mm & 18.8 mm 

Material: Glass

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Bolt Neck Flower Bowl

Joint Size: 14.5 mm & 18.8 mm 

Material: Glass

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The idea is, when you take out the stem with the bowl mounted on it, you get rid of the vacuum created when you’re pulling air through the mouthpiece. This enables air pressure to push the smoke, marijuana or tobacco, deep into your lungs.

That’s the job of a bowl. It has to fit and hold the plant materials that are to be burned. It also has to do all of this efficiently.

Are we clear? Good, because a bong bowl, nowadays, is almost made entirely of glass or silicon.

Back in previous decades, this piece used to be metal. However, as bong technology continued to evolve, and given the fact that the large amount of percentage of bong sold and marketed in the United States ultimately comes from China, glass bong bowl has become cheaper.

Back in the day, you know you’re partying with somebody who is elite or a hardcore smoker when they whip out a bong bowl that is made out of glass.

If that isn’t impressive enough, the stem, which is the cylindrical piece under the bowl, is also made out of glass. That kind of thing makes people stop, sit up and pay attention.

In fact, if you want to be an instant hero during that time in the past, that’s precisely what you should do. Stoners develop solid reputations by having this type of gear. It was that rare and expensive. If you have one, it’s more likely that you’re one of the few people who has it. All the others have theirs in metal.

Fast-forward to today, that all glass or all silicon design is pretty much common.The tables have turned 180 degrees.

This is China design that people have grown so accustomed to that they really are quite surprised if you take out an all-metal bong bowl piece. They might think it’s some sort of novelty item.

People would say, “Are you kidding me? Are you serious? Is this even real? Maybe it’s just a prop.” No, it’s just a throwback. That’s how much peoples’ expectations have changed.

The perspective today is that metal bong bowls are a thing of the past and glass bowls are the way to go.

Finding The Best Bong Bowl Piece

How do you define the best bong bowl? Well, it really depends on the kind of design that you’re looking for, and on the design of the bong that you’re going to mount the bong bowl on.

Generally speaking, these are made out of glass, so they would work well with glass bongs. Nevertheless, silicon bongs would function decently as well.

There are many different sizes of bowls. Keep in mind that one key element is the gender of the bowl.

Look at the screw type. Is it a male or a female? You have to think about this very carefully before you buy because this has to fit into the existing stem and design of your bong.

It’s also important to focus on volume- the larger the bowl, the more tobacco or marijuana it would hold. Glass bong bowls come in 18mm and 14mm sizes. This all depends on how big the outer stem is.

You wouldn’t want to buy a bong bowl that is in the wrong gender. Make sure that you are buying the right gender.

Look at your existing bong and see if it would accommodate female or male. It’s either one or the other.

Just to recap, two things have to match when you buy your bong bowl: the material which the bowl is made out of (you have the option to buy both glass bong and bowl) and the gender of your bowl and the stem. However, like I mentioned earlier, silicon bongs will work with glass bong bowls as well as long as their genders match.

Another key consideration is the color of this unit. Make sure that it complements or contrasts the overall color of your smoking device.

Finally, there is the price. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

So, if you buy something at $10, don’t expect much. Maybe it’s made out of plastic or silicon, and it’s not really all that snug when you put it in your stem. Or you can spend up to $50.

By spending a little bit more, you can maximize the quality of this piece. Given the fact that this is going to be holding whatever it is you’re going to be smoking, I hope it’s clear to you how important its role is.

This is not the time to try to nickel and dime your way into a bong bowl.

If you want the very best smoking experience, you need to pay for it. We’re not just talking about the very best screens. We’re also talking about the best bong bowls.