Bamboo Bongs

When it comes to smoking cannabis or tobacco, bamboo bongs are not the first thing that will pop into your head, and to be honest for good reasons.

Bamboo water pipe bongs are not easy to come by so let’s have a look at the best bamboo bong you can buy online today.

10.5 Inch Bamboo Bong

This great looking bamboo bong stands at aroughly 10.5 inches tall, is made from roughly 8mm thick bamboo wood and weighs about 350 – 400 grams.

It comes with a metal downpipe and is perfect for anyone looking for a more natural piece to toke from.

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Bamboo bongs are great as a sort of novelty gift idea but they are also very durable, it will be able to absorb plenty of damage before it gives up on you.

Though bamboo bongs are known for their simplistic designs, you still end with a very unique looking, one of a kind bong if you do buy. You don’t necessarily have to be a hardcore marijuana connoisseur to appreciate this because a little bit of diversity and variety can go a long way in spicing up your smoking life.

After all, how many typical run-of-the-mill acrylic bongs can you wrap your mouth around before getting bored? If you are looking for something different, and off the beaten path, bamboo bongs may be right up your alley.

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