Bong Bags

If you already have your bong and you like to travel with it, you have to invest in the best bong bag. A bong bag might seem like a pretty straightforward item but there are alot of key considerations you need to make before buying one.

Let’s take a look at some of the better bong bags on the market right now.

Padded Bong Bag Case

Available in 2 heights:
43 cm / 16.9 inch & 46 cm / 18.1 inches

Synthetic Fiber
Adjustable Shoulder Straps
Accessories Included

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G-Spot Protective Bong Bag

65cm / 25.5 inches

Adjustable Shoulder Strap
Has Pockets
Made from Nylon

Buy The G-Spot Universal Protective Glass Bong Bag!

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Key Considerations

Well, first of all, it must hide the smell like a pro. This is, hands-down, the most crucial factor in selecting bong bags. You can forget about a lot of the stuff, but you need to take care of the smell first and foremost. It has to be sturdy enough to be able to resist weather-related conditions. In other words, it should be able to take a lot of punishment and keep on ticking. The bong bag must be easy to store. In other words, you can put it in a locker, it can be out in a trunk, and otherwise, be versatile enough to be able to be stored in a wide variety of places.

Finally, it has to have straps for ease of transport, as well as convenience. Maybe you’re traveling in a backpack, and those adjustable straps can reduce its form factor so it could fit your bag more optimally.