Ash Catchers & Precoolers

Bong Ash Catchers or Precoolers are creative pieces that you put in between your downstem and bowl. They were initially designed to help catch the ash to help with cleaner smoke and easier cleaning of your main piece but Ash Catchers also work as an extra filtration and cooling device as water can be added.

Let’s have a look at some of the best bong Ash Catchers on the market right now.

Recycler Ash Catcher

This 14mm Recycler Ash Catcher has a 90 degree angle and is made from strong, thick durable 5mm glass and contains a showerhead percolator and a recycling chamber.

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14mm Ash Catcher

This highly rated 14mm Ash Catcher features a 90 degree angle and a double showehead percolator. This is a nice piece that fits tight and flush against bongs.

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18mm Ash Catcher

This 18mm Ash Catcher with a 90 degree angle is one of the best Ash Catchers on the market! Featuring a duel Showerhead and Honeycomb percolator.

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45 Degree Ash Catcher

The “Phoenix” is a 45 degree Ash Catcher with a 14.5mm joint size and has a unique design with a removable top and is rather tall at 7 inches.

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90 Degree Ash Catcher

This 18.8mm 90 degree Ash Catcher features a recycler chamber and a 10-slit showerhead diffuser. Made with 4mm glass and is 4.7 inches in height.

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EHLE Precooler

This bong precooler made by EHLE is much more like the classic Ash Catcher. It’s available in 14.5, 18.8 and 29.2mm!

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Now, similar to shopping for the classic bong, you apply the same criteria of selection to the Ash Catcher. Remember it has to match your bong in joint size and sex (Male or Female). Normally, a bong with a 14mm female joint will require a 14mm male Ash Catcher. The size must be the same while the sex must be the opposite. Keep that in mind when you start shopping for Precoolers and bong Ash Catchers.

Another tip you must consider is the heaviness of the Ash Catchers, if you’re bong is light and you buy a heavy Precooler there is the danger of tipping and breaking your bong. Also, your Ash Catcher has to fit your bong in terms of the angle. If you have a 45-degree angled bong, then you have to buy a same-angled Ash Catcher.

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