Acrylic Bongs

You can get a variety of cheap acrylic bongs, which are extremely durable and they don’t cost that much money. How much will a typical acrylic bong set you back, I hear you asking? We’re talking anything from $10 up to $50 (and that’s the very high end).

Let’s have a look at some of the best acrylic bongs you can buy right now.

Mini Acrylic Bong

These 20cm mini acrylic bongs are quality little bongs that are cheap and yet still provide decent sized hits. These little acrylic bongs are hard to break, so they are great for clumsy people and for when you are on the go.

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Acrylic Bubble Base Bong

This acrylic bubble base bong is 40cm tall and relativily cheap for what you get! It comes with a metal down pipe and removable metal bowl. This is a good choice if you are looking to use the full capacity of your lungs.

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Acrylic Pistol Grip Bong

This acrylic pistol grip bong is shatterproof and is smartley designed so it’s very comfortable in the hand. I actually like this design as it still gives plenty of room to brew some milky hits. This one is 12 inches tall. Great all rounder.

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Straight Shooter Killer Bong

This Killer Bongs straight shooter is a high quality, hand made acrlyic bong that stands at 40cm. Killers Bongs are a popular brand and this bong is on the higher ends of the price spectrum but they are good quality bongs.

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Straight Acrylic Bong

This acryclis straight bong is close to 2 feet in height! It comes with a metal downtube and bowl and you can choose from 2 different colours. This bong is pretty tall, so I would suspect you could brew some big milky hits in this one.

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The long list of advantages for acrylic bongs is nothing short of amazing. All though I will always pick glass over acrylic any day, and if I am totally honest, i do think acrylic products are a dying breed but acrylic bongs do have there place and need.

People just fall in love with acrylic bongs, and it’s easy to see why. If you’re looking for a quick and easy device to enjoy dried tobacco or weed from, your first stop should be acrylic bongs.

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