Water Bongs are produced and used all across the globe. People have been using bongs and pipes for smoking since the ancient times. Some even believe that a water pipe bong is the oldest smoking device invented.

Now, millions of people smoke cigarettes, e-cigs, and different herbs or weed through a pipe. They like to enjoy the taste of smoke produced by heating high-quality ingredients. Although cigarettes and pipes work great, nothing makes smoking as satisfying as a weed bong. It is a kind of water pipe, used mainly for smoking weed.

The smoke is produced when the ingredients are heated in the bowl of the bong. The produced smoke is then filtered through water and inhaled by the user. Every bong comprises a bowl, a stem, a water chamber, either a beaker base or a straight tube, and a mouthpiece. It makes smoking exciting and that’s why every stoner wants a marijuana bong. All though there is one exception to this rule.

Bongs come in different sizes and shapes

Every bong has a bowl (this is the piece that you light your weed from), a tube through which the smoke travels (a downstem or diffuser), a water chamber (beaker or straight), and a mouthpiece. These four components ensure the bong will work perfectly, all though its size and shape can change.

You can find basic style bongs with no decorative elements and some are designed to look unique (just like this crazy penis bong). The shape and size do not affect the smooth functionality of a bong. The latest designs of bong feature additional things like percolators to filter the smoke and cool it. Continue reading and you will reveal more interesting facts about water pipes and bongs.

There are bongs to suit everybody’s needs, just look at these fantastic coffee cup bongs and pipes or these unique styled pieces for example and if you love fantasy why not check out these awesome Dragon bongs or Unicorn pipes. Love aquarium sort of stuff? Check these Octopus bongs out.


Let’s have a look at some of the materials that a bong can be made from and the best weed bongs for sale right now.

*Please not that the material the bong is made from can add a complete different taste or level of smoothness to the smoke! They all offer a different look and a different stability and durability.

Glass Bongs

Glass is the most commonly used material for producing bongs because most of the users prefer glass bongs, and to be honest, glass can produce some of the cooler bongs you find in headshops and online stores. People prefer it because it performs way better than other materials. Regular heating and excess moisture does not cause any damage to glass. It won’t split, crack, or bend over time due to heat and moisture.

Glass also seems perfect because it does not alter the flavor of ingredients you smoke in a bong. Regular and long-term use of this device won’t affect your smoking habits. You can always generate a flavor you want. That’s why there are millions of glass bongs in the world. Additionally, you can add an Ash Catcher to your piece for even extra filtration and cool down of the smoke.

A major drawback of using glass bongs is that it can easily break. You need to be extra careful because it might break if you drop the bong on the floor. It is designed to look beautiful and attractive, but glass is not unbreakable.

We put together a list of the top 16 glass bongs for sale but if a glass bong is not your thing, consider checking out some Bubbler bongs.

Wood bongs

Wood is a traditional material used to prepare bongs. People have been making bongs of bamboo and other woods for many centuries. The oldest bongs found in the world were prepared from hardwoods, such as oak, rosewood, maple, and walnut.

These bongs produce a very different flavor. Whatever ingredient you are smoking, it will taste different in a wooden bong. You might be thinking that people have stopped using wooden devices because glass is a great alternative. That did not happen because smoke’s flavor tastes different when mixed with heated wood. That’s why thousands of people prefer bamboo bongs to enjoy their favorite ingredients.

However, wood bongs are not perfect for smoking weeds and other herbs. You do not get clean and unadulterated smoke. That’s a major drawback and that’s why this type of bongs are quite uncommon nowadays.

Metal bongs

Many contemporary smokers choose metal bongs. These are usually made of stainless steel or aluminum. These bongs look quite attractive. You can easily search and find a metal bong with an artistic design and quality construction. Metal does not break easily. Normal shocks and drops won’t affect the functionality of this device. That’s why metal bongs are quite beneficial.

Many consumers choose metal bongs because these are more affordable than glass, more durable, and these devices look quite cool. You can keep it as a showpiece in the living room, when not smoking your favorite herbs.

Acrylic bongs

You can pick acrylic bongs from the market if you want a more affordable and durable device than a glass bong. These are quite cheaper and designed to survive much longer. Beginners should buy them to practice before buying an expensive glass bong.

All the acrylic bongs come with a metal or glass bowl because you cannot heat plastic. Accidental overheating can easily damage it. The metal bowl can change the way your herbs taste. Therefore, it is not the best choice for smoking weeds. You will find it very difficult to clean and maintain. The remaining residue can destroy your herb’s flavor.

When thinking of acrylic you might also think of silicone but they are not the same. Check out more about Silicone bongs here.

Ceramic bongs

Ceramic is a more contemporary material used to prepare bongs. Modern smokers do not usually pick a ceramic bong because of its price. These designer smoke filtering devices are made to look like an art piece. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to maintain. Ceramic bongs can easily break but these are much cheaper than glass bongs.

It can enhance the smoke flavor and provide something new for your excitement. Even though this bong does not produce as smooth and clean flavor as a glass bong does, it is still quite impressive.

Each ceramic bong comes with a metal bowls. It won’t heat up quite easily but this material is not perfect to retain that heat. Herb’s taste will alter due to that metal bowl. Choose this type of bong if you have no issue with altered flavors of weeds you smoke. If you like the look of these types of pieces, you might want to check out some of the Cereal Bowl Bongs, especially if you love to hit the bong when you wake up.

How to use a bong like a pro?

Beginners may find it a little confusing on how to use a bong and pros might just head straight to a gas mask bong to impress with there brewing skills. These water pipes are pretty straightforward to use. It filters and cools the smoke before you inhale it. Therefore, it makes smoking way more pleasurable. This is how you can use a bong like a pro:

Bongs are quite simple. As mentioned earlier, it comprises a mouthpiece, a chamber to accumulate the smoke, a bowl or slide to store the herbs, and a downstem through which the smoke goes into the water.

Step 1: Fill the bong with water

You should fill that bong with water until it covers the downstem. Keep the water at least half inch above the downstem. Suppose your bong is equipped with a percolator, fill it with water. It will further filter the smoke and cool it. You can also place an ice cube in the bong to cool the smoke and enjoy it if you have an ice catcher bong.

Now test that the level water is correct buy breathing in on the mouth piece until you hear bubbles (remember to cover the carb hole if the bong has one). Suppose water drops touch your lips, remove excess water and inhale again. The bong is prepared perfectly if there is not water reaching your lips with the smoke of the weed.

Step 2: Pack the bowl with your favorite herb.

Many people avoid bongs because it takes some time to prepare the water pipe for smoking. You have to break up the weeds and herbs to remove stems, seeds, and leaves. You cannot pack the smoking material tightly into the bowl because you may need to remove it if it does not taste great.

Step 3: Light the weed and take a hit

Hold your device tightly into your non-dominant hand when you are ready to take a hit. Keep its bottom on your lap and hold the bong by its neck to avoid accidental drop. Now gently place your lips into the opening of the mouthpiece. Do not wrap your lips over because the onlookers might not like it. Now use your lighter to burn the ingredient and inhale at the same time. You will feel like pulling the flame into the bowl.

Do not use the lighter every time you inhale. Continue inhaling until you see the smoke into the bong. This tactic works great and you get a steady supply ingredient with filtered smoke.

Should you Perc or not?

Many users use bongs with percolators. Percs in bongs work quite similarly as old coffee makers used to work. It is used to offer an interaction between water and herbs. Suppose there is a percolator in your bong, the smoke will travel through the water twice. You get perfectly filtered smoke to enjoy smoking. The smoke will travel only once through water if your bong does not have a percolator. To perc or not to perc, it mainly depends on the user’s taste.

How to choose the best bong?

You need to focus on many factors when buying a bong. Make sure you pay attention to the following things to pick the best bong from the market.


The cost of a bong mainly depends on the type of material used to prepare it. If it is made of acrylic, ceramic material, or wood, it won’t be too expensive. Acrylic bongs along with wood, ceramic, and metal bongs feature metal bowls. It alters the flavor of the ingredient. Glass made water pipes do not alter the taste and that’s why most of the users prefer glass bongs.

Glass and ceramic bongs are not quite durable. These devices can easily break if dropped on the floor. You should not choose a glass or ceramic device if you want to use it for a long time.

Design and size

Some bongs look more stylish due to their amazing shape and some bongs just look so cute. If you want to purchase an artistic looking water pipe, then you can invest your money in an appealing design. It will look way better, maybe a little colorful, and stylish in comparison to ordinary pipes. Maybe you love cartoons and want a specific looking bong like this Rick and Morty styled bong or this Pokémon styled bong.

Choose the size according to your needs. Suppose you want to carry your bong with you, then a smaller size bong would be the best. It will be easy to pack in a backpack and carry wherever you go.

Large big bongs can cost more money (including these floor bongs). These water pipes are not ideal to carry outdoors. You can keep it stable at your home and use it to produce lots of smoke for constant inhaling. Do not choose a bong with a large water pipe if it is your first bong. Consider your lung capacity and make your choice accordingly. Excess intake of smoke can destroy your smoking experience. Therefore the size matters.


Glass bongs are not quite durable. However, glass is also not that easy to break. You can take a little rough use and expect it to last for a long time. Bongs made of metal, wood, and acrylic material are quite durable, but these water pipes alter the taste of the smoke. Choose a glass bong if you want to enjoy the original flavor of the herbs. Prefer a metal, acrylic, or a wooden bong if you have no problem with heating weeds in a metal bowl or maybe even check out a collapsible bong. If you are worried about breaking your glass bong while on the go, you can always try getting a padded bong bag to help ease your mind.


Anybody can buy a bong. It is designed to meet every user’s budget demands. Some cheaper models are made of acrylic or plastic material. Excess heat can destroy the shape and performance of such devices.

Glass bongs can cost a lot of money, but you can easily find an affordable glass bong even with decent percolators like the tornado and cyclone bongs. Keep your search limited to glass water pipes. Consider other options only when you are looking for a different flavor or style of the bong. Manufacturers design a bong for every budget. Focus on other factors and then shortlist a perfect bong that fits in your budget.

Final thoughts

All the above explained points are important to consider when buying your first or next bong (if you are looking for for a novelty gift kind of thing, this lava lamp bong is worth checking out or these pretty bongs & girly bongs as a gift for a girlfriend). You will unveil more attributes of a good bong as you start using this device for smoking. You will reveal your personal preferences. It won’t take too long to understand that how a metal bowl alters the taste of the herbs and weeds you smoke.

Regular cleaning of bongs is quite important (Check out our top bong cleaners list). The leftover residue of weeds and smoke can affect your experience with this device. Clean it daily or at least three times in a week to enjoy the true flavor of your favorite herbs. You will learn how to use a water bong within a few days and then it will make every smoking session special for you.

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