Blaze Glass Microscope Multi-Level Bong

The Blaze Glass Microscope Multi-Level Bong looks like a stunning piece of artwork, combining extraordinary style with intelligent functionality. Sat on your shelf, it could take pride of place with its attention to detail and sophisticated looks. Certainly one for the scientists out there.

It is made from high quality boroscilicate glass that is 5mm thick and heat resistant. It also has a reinforced stemless design to prevent breakage and a fixed downstem with a 14.5mm male joint. It also comes with a removable 14.5mm female herb bowl. This piece sits on top of the male joint of the downstem perfectly and has a pinched neck to stop ash from getting into the water and contaminating your smoke. The herb bowl also has a glass marble on the side to act as a rollstopper, preventing it from rolling off the table.

Additional Features

The beautiful microscope bong has many additional features to provide you with a clean filtered experience, echoing the ethos of Blaze Glass in their attention to detail and pride of ensuring their customers get the best quality experience.

The Blaze microscope bong comes with a 4 armed rocket diffused percolator which is located in the lower chamber of the bong. The smoke then moves through the connecting tube up into the microscope’s neck where it passes through the circular percolator. This also works as a splash-guard. The extension of the smoke path in the multi chamber system intensifies filtering and cooling, giving you a much smoother smoke packed full of flavour.

The bong also has an extra thick base to give stability to the piece. It also has a solid mouthpiece that is extremely comfortable to use.


Made from high quality borosilicate glass.

Comfortable thick mouthpiece.

Bent neck for ease of use.

14.5mm male joint.

Removable 14.5mm female herb bowl with roll-stopper marble.

4 armed rocket diffused percolator.

Slitted dome circulator perculator.

Clear and coloured glass marbles for aesthetics.

35cm tall.

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Here’s a video of the Microscope bong by Blaze Glass in action!

The Blaze Glass Microscope Bong has been crafted to perfection with its unique microscopic look and attention to detail, providing you with an essential bit of kit.

The bong is completed in design by small decorative elements of coloured glass, adding to its elegant look.

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